A Derivation Of The Original OpenOffice Platform

A Derivation Of The Original OpenOffice Platform

Being productive while using the computer is important. Everyone at one point or another has needed to use some sort of office productivity software, whether it was to write a paper for school, view a spreadsheet downloaded off the Internet, or to prepare a presentation for a business meeting. It can be very frustrating to get a new computer and find that there is no office software already installed. If there is, it is usually a free trial that will demand a huge payment after 30 days of use if you want to keep accessing the program. Software is expensive, and most people simply can’t afford the extra expense of trying to afford that software. If you’ve found yourself in this position, don’t worry, there are actually some great free alternatives to that paid office suite you have been using in the past. These programs will function in essentially the same ways, so you’ll know you’ll be comfortable operating them right away.

LibreOffice is Powerful and Fast

Far and away one of the best options out there for free office software is LibreOffice. Relatively new, it is a “fork” (a derivation) of the original OpenOffice platform that was very popular several years ago. It is available as a free download for a variety of platforms, including Windows and Linux. It boasts an impressive feature set, containing just about everything you need in order to maintain a great office suite: a fully-featured word processor, a spreadsheet application, a presentation program, and even software for making databases or working with math equations using special symbols. All of this is available completely for free, as well as any future updates to the software. If you’re looking for a quick and easy replacement for your paid office software, then LibreOffice is probably the best candidate for you to try out first.

Google Drive is Great for Those on the Go

Drive Is A Cloud Based Service

Google Drive Is A Cloud Based Service

For those who find they are constantly working on different machines or in a number of locations, Google Drive is an excellent alternative to keeping office software installed on your computer and clogging up your hard drive. It’s an especially good choice if you are often working in situations where you have ready access to a good Internet connection. Drive is a cloud-based service, meaning that you can log in to it on any machine with an Internet connection, and access any and all of the documents you’ve created or uploaded onto the service. You can even share the documents you make with others so that they can work collaboratively with you on them, a great option for students and those in business alike.

Apache OpenOffice is Good for Power Users

The Apache OpenOffice

The Apache OpenOffice

If you need something that’s a little more heavy duty and LibreOffice doesn’t seem like it is for you, check out Apache’s fork of OpenOffice. It is well-maintained and updated, but it is geared more towards professional computer users than your typical student or lay user. It’s great if your laptop is your mobile office and you always need to be working on one document or another. It uses a standardized format to save your files in, so you can always be sure that you’ll be able to open documents created in Apache OpenOffice in any other software, such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer.

Check Out NeoOffice X if You Own a Mac

Of course, it can be hard to find good office software if you own a Mac and you don’t want to use a corporate version of software that costs money. NeoOffice does everything you would expect a suite of office software to do, with the added bonus that it is able to open and edit PDFs, something which few other office suites offer. It’s a great choice for those students who have a Macbook and need to use their laptop to take notes in class or for writing term papers.

Loose Weight Programs

Find The Weight Loss Program For You

You can work out 6 days a week, but if you’re still coming in at or over your calorie budget for the day you’re not going to get those rock hard abs you’re looking for. It’s a sad but true fact that even the greatest six pack in the world can be covered up by a keg belly. If you want your hard work in the gym to translate into rippling muscles and a beach body like a god you’re going to have to cut down on calories. Just like it has been since the dawn of time, the best way to lose weight is to restrict your calories. If you’re already eating a balanced and healthy diet you won’t just be able to drop fast food. You’re going to have to tighten your belt (metaphorically) so that you can eat less and eventually tighten your belt (physically.) Here are some of the most effective ways to eat less.

Stick to a Meal Schedule

The most common cause of overeating is excessive hunger. Sometimes your life is busy. You can’t always eat whenever you get hungry. If you put off eating, your body will overreact when you finally get close to food. Your appetite will skyrocket and you’ll end up eating way more than you meant to. The only real solution here is to eat when you know it makes sense for you. If you know that you’re going to be starving by the time your lunch break rolls around at work, eat before you go on shift. Even just a snack to tide you over will make all the difference. If you can stop yourself from starving you can better control your calories.

Drink a Full Glass of Water Before, During, and after Each Meal

Eating Isn't Everything... Remember To Stay Hydrated

Eating Isn’t Everything… Remember To Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a great way to lose weight. Often your body will get the signals for hunger and thirst confused. You might end up snacking heavily when all your body really needed was a couple of tall glasses of water. Of course, drinking also fills up your stomach. A great way to exercise portion control is to make yourself drink a large glass of water ten minutes or so before you fill up your plate. Sit down and make yourself drink another large glass of water with your food, and save enough room that you’ll be able to drink a third when you’re done. This will not only keep you hydrated and improve your digestion, it will leave you much less room in your stomach for snacks.

Make Yourself Wait 30 Minutes Before Getting Seconds

Sometimes self-control is just a battle of wills. If you can wait out your hunger for 30 minutes after eating your first helping you might be able to defeat it altogether. Either way you’ll know for sure whether you really want to eat more or if you’re just longing for a good taste in your mouth. If you just like the sensation of flavor, brush your teeth or chew a stick of gum. This will make you less likely to eat again while giving you a taste to savor.

Fill up on Leafy Greens

Exercise Self Control

Exercise Self Control

If you’re hungry and you’re going to eat something no matter what, make sure that you pick the leafy greens. These are at least full of nutrients and vitamins, while being low in calories. A big bunch of spinach might not satisfy like a chicken leg at first, but it will take you a long time to eat and give you more nutritional value. Plus, you never heard of anyone getting fat by binging off of spinach, right?

Try to Avoid Pain Medication

You want to avoid everything that’s a diuretic when you’re trying to lose weight. Painkillers are hard on your liver and kidneys, and can make you thirstier and out of sorts. You should also try to give up caffeine (even if you think that you’ve had so many early morning expressos that they just don’t do the trick anymore) and alcohol. Balance is the key to clean weight loss. Every time you tamper with your body’s chemistry you’re pushing yourself back a little bit more. Keep clean and you can eat less.

Think About The Company's Defining Characteristics

Think About The Company’s Defining Characteristics

All companies need a mission statement, but first you have to write it. This goes for all types of businesses, including for profit and not-for-profit organizations. A mission statement should be the heart and soul of what you’re all about, and provide a roadmap to how you define yourself. It will help to establish your brand and what you have to offer to customers. It should also be a living statement that’s updated periodically as your situation changes, but it’s there to help you keep your eye on the prize. Potential investors and customers should also be able to understand exactly what you do in a sound bite. However, as is the case with all important content, there are a few key pitfalls that every company faces. Here are four major mistakes to avoid while drafting your mission statement for the first time.

Don’t Dilute the Message

A mission statement isn’t going to be long. It should be succinct and to the point, but contain the essence of what you’re all about. One issue that many business owners run into is trying to smash as many words together as possible. If a customer or investor reads your mission statement and it makes their head spin within two lines, they’re going to abandon the effort. You want to make sure your sentences are succinct, to the point, and communicate valuable information. Avoid using long, complex words or flowery language. Try approaching it from the point of view of reading someone else’s mission statement. This can, in fact, be a great way to conceptualize your own. Explore other businesses within your industry and check out their mission statements, evaluating which ones you think fail or succeed. Mission statements are routinely found on company websites, so they’re not hard to access. Within moments of reading the statement, you should be able to obtain a firm idea of what the business is all about. Use this as a starting point for writing your own and making it effective.

Incorporating Too Many Ideas

To Be Effective, Your Mission Statement, Must Be Clear

To Be Effective, Your Mission Statement Must Be Clear

Don’t get carried away with trying to get every single idea you’ve ever had about your business into only a few sentences. Remember, too, that you can lengthen the statement. Just because you found a good model from another business whose mission statement you liked that happened to be extremely short, doesn’t mean you have to do yours exactly the same way. If you need to tack on an extra sentence to get your point across, don’t be afraid to do so. However, don’t try to cram in five ideas, when you really only need two. What is your business about? Even if you’re multifaceted, try to come up with an umbrella concept of how all of your different ventures are united. Think about the banner under which you fly and use that as a guide.

Too Many Hands Stirring the Pot

Too Many People Involve Can Make A Mess

Too Many People Involved Can Make A Mess

If you’re a larger company, you might have more than just yourself and a colleague writing the mission statement. Even if you’ve been assigned to do it yourself, you can guarantee that everyone will have something to say about the way it’s written. While this is a good sign because it means that employees are invested in the business in a personal way, it also means that the mission statement is inevitably going to get bogged down. You don’t want too many hands stirring the pot, because it detracts from being able to effectively focus and get a point across. When you have too many ideas flowing into a project, it’s going to disintegrate. This is especially true if you’re trying to write only a few very focused sentences that define your company’s identity.

Lay off the Semicolons

Don’t get too carried away with excessive punctuation or elaborate style when you’re writing the mission statement. While having dashes or periods is fine, try to avoid using things like semicolons or other interruptive punctuation. You’re not writing a novel and the text isn’t necessarily narrative. Approach the task as trying to condense a novel itself into a few very focused lines that convey its main themes and the most important points. This is a good way to think about what a mission statement should contain. Your company is the novel, and the mission statement is its summary.

Everyone Needs Food And Drinks... Just Don't Overspend

Everyone Needs Food And Drinks… Just Don’t Overspend

Impulse purchases can be a dangerous thing, especially if you let yourself fall into the habit of doing it frequently. You might think that it’s not impacting your finances that badly because the purchases are inexpensive, but it becomes essential to look at how the seemingly small and inexpensive purchases are impacting your finances in the long run. Purchases like that add up more than most consumers realize at first, leading them to waste a disturbing amount of money before they break themselves of the habit and develop a budget. Some small impulse purchases are OK, but with some luxury items the cost adds up to be quite a large chunk of change after a while.

Nothing will destroy your carefully laid financial plans quicker than losing track of the things you’re spending money on, and it’s absolutely crucial to make sure to limit the amount of purchases you make from the following categories. This in turn will limit the unnecessary spending you do and cut out unnecessary stress on your wallet. Keep careful track of these purchases and you’ll be surprised how much money you save!

Food and Drinks

Eating out is a bigger contributor to the depletion of your bank account than you might think. Of course you know that going out to a nice 5-star restaurant is going to set you back quite a bit of money, but going to that seemingly cheap fast food restaurant is going to put a dent in your finances just as much. Fast food restaurants seem cheap, and that might be why you’re tempted to eat there a lot. It doesn’t seem like it’s costing you that much, but if you make a habit out of it you’ll end up spending just as much if not more than you would have if you’d gone to a nicer restaurant once or even better, gone to the grocery store.

Drinks are no different. Even in the summer months when lots of fast food restaurants or gas stations have dirt-cheap $1 fountain drinks, you’ll still end up spending enough to bankrupt your carefully laid-out budget plan if you aren’t careful. Coffee is even worse. A $4 cup of coffee at an expensive café every morning might not seem like much at the time but it’s still going to set you back thousands of dollars every year. Ever wondered where your money was going? It’s feeding right into these expensive habits, so it’s a good idea to cut out these types of small purchases as soon as possible.

Going to the Movies

Going To The Movies Is Always Fun.. And Expensive

Going To The Movies Is Always Fun.. And Expensive

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little fun every now and then, and going out to see a movie is a great example of an inexpensive way to treat yourself. It only remains inexpensive, however, when you’re limiting the amount of times you go out to the movies. The average movie ticket is between $7 and $9, and if you add on the cost of popcorn and a soda it can get up to $15 or $20. It might not seem like much, but $20 every weekend, or even every other weekend, is really going to cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you have someone that you want to take out on movie dates or a family that you want to spend time with, it might be better to find some other less expensive options if you’re looking for ways to have some fun.

Extensive Personal Care Routines

Makeup Routine Is Another Way To Waste Money

Makeup Routine Is Another Way To Waste Money

When you first started your routine of getting your hair styled or working out with that overpriced personal trainer just because you liked them better than the other options, it might not have seemed too expensive. The truth is that they are. Even if it’s something that you only do every few weeks, it’s another case of costs adding up, and they are just as unnecessary as a lot of the other purchases you make. This is something that absolutely needs to be cut out of your list of purchases if you want to save money. It’s just as beneficial for you to work out by yourself and there are some parts of your personal care routine that can be omitted or substituted with cheaper options, and this will save you lots of money when you look at your decisions in the long-term.

You Must Improve Communication

You Must Improve Communication

It happens sometimes. Your relationship might have been great at first but at some point, all of that changed. You started arguing about things you hadn’t argued about before and things that you were willing to overlook at one point in your relationship don’t seem so trivial. Your relationship is going south in a bad way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want it to end. How do you pull a relationship back from the brink of destruction? How do you undo the damage that’s been done? If the relationship is salvageable, improving your communication and finding a way to bring your relationship back to what it once was will revive it. Don’t every think it’s too late to save a relationship if you care enough about saving it!

Improve Communication

This is crucial to any relationship, but if you feel the beginning signs of your relationship ending then it’s possible that your communication needs improved. Take some time and sit down together and have a conversation about what’s going on. Is there something bothering one or both of you? Is there an argument brewing that needs to be headed off at the pass and discussed? You won’t know any of those things until you take the time to communicate, and no matter how obvious it seems, better communication is the key to reviving a relationship that might be headed towards an end.

Take Some Time Apart

A Little Space And Time Can Help The Relationship

A Little Space And Time Can Help The Relationship

Seems counterintuitive, right? You’d be surprised how much good a little bit of time apart can do for a relationship, especially one that’s on its way out. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing even when it comes to the best of relationships and if you’re starting to drive each other crazy it might be time to take some time apart. Take a break, send one of you on vacation, whatever works to keep the two of you apart for just a little bit. The time apart will remind you why you like being together and in addition to that, it’ll give the both of you some time to step back and think about your relationship. Time apart is one of the best things to do in a relationship that’s wavering.

Rekindle the Old Spark

Once you’ve opened up your lines of communication and taken some time apart to think about what you want out of the relationship and your lives in general, then it’s time to remind yourself what you liked so much about each other in the first place. Remember that first date you went on where you really connected? Go back to that restaurant, or stay at home with popcorn and a DVD of that movie that you both liked so much. Bring the spark back into your relationship, and you’ll see what was good about it in the first place! If you’ve spent some time apart or taken any sort of a break, coming back together should be enough to rekindle what you once had if it’s going to be rekindled at all.

Find A Way To Rekindle The Old Spark.. Or Say Good Bye

Find A Way To Rekindle The Old Spark.. Or Say Good Bye

Unfortunately, there are some times when a relationship can’t be saved. It’s headed south and sometimes you have to admit defeat. The key is knowing when it’s worth trying to salvage what’s left of the relationship and when it’s probably better to let it go. Not every relationship is worth saving, but you shouldn’t let every relationship go because you could be missing out on something truly great.